6. Moodle Mobile App (optional)

If you have an iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android phone/tablet mobile device, Moodle provides a mobile-friendly theme that allows for accessing the site in a useful way using the web browser installed on modern iOS and Android devices.  In addition, you can install the official Moodle Mobile app and use it to interact with the CS Moodle course web.  The Moodle Mobile app currently provides ability to view resources on a Moodle site, get notifications from the site (e.g., forum announcements, etc.), and some limited capability for interaction.

To learn more and find out how to install the app, visit the Moodle Mobile site for details.

Once you install the app and it prompts you for the site address, you will need to enter "courses.cs.westga.edu" and then provide the username and password you normally use to login to the CS course web.