7. csX Live!

About csX and Hours of Operation

The Computer Science eXperience (csX) Lab provides face-to-face and online assistance to students working on laboratory assignments for certain computer science (CS) courses with a laboratory component. For more information about csX and current hours of operation, please visit the csX lab home page.

Accessing csX Live!

Online access to the csX Lab is facilitated through csX Live!, our online live chat system that is accessible from the Moodle web site.  During csX hours of operation, you can chat with a lab assistant via this system.  When csX is closed, the system will allow you to send an email message and we will follow up with you within the next business day.

To access csX Live!, you must be logged in to Moodle.  Once you are logged in, you will see a button at the bottom-right of the page that you can click to access the system.  Note, the button only appears on select pages in Moodle, including the home page, course main pages, book/resource pages, and assignment pages.  The button will indicate either ONLINE (during hours of operation when a TA is online) or OFFLINE.

csX Live button

To initiate a chat session or leave an offline message, click the button at the bottom right of the Moodle page, as shown in the screenshot below:

Location of csX Live chat button

csX Live Pop-up Dialog

After you click on the button, a pop-up will display as shown below.  This is where you will interact with the chat system.  You also have the option of opening the pop-up in a new browser window, by clicking the icon in the top-left of the box.

csX Live pop-up dialog