1. What is Moodle for?

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce students taking Computer Science (CS) and/or Computing (COMP) major classes to Moodle (also known as the CS course web), the course management system used and managed by the UWG Computing program.

NOTE: If you are looking for information regarding CS 1000, 1020, 1030, or 1300, please look for your class on CourseDen. These classes do not use Moodle.

Each Computer Science (CS) course you take will have a course page on Moodle. The course page is the central "hub" for the course. Your professor will post the class syllabus and a variety of other information and resources on this page. You may also use this page to submit assignments, take quizzes/exams, ask questions and participate in discussions, etc. (these activities will vary depending on each course).