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To login, enter your myUWG username (if you do not know your username, you can look it up here) and your Moodle password.  If you have never logged in to this site or have forgotten your password, please use the "forgot password" link to reset it.  An email will be sent to your myUWG email with a link to reset your password.

Please note that your Moodle password is for Moodle only - it is not synchronized with any other system (i.e., you could have different passwords for myUWG and Moodle, for example).

Important Notes

  • Students must be currently enrolled in one or more Computer Science (CS) courses at or above CS 1300 in order to login to this system.
  • This system pulls enrollment information from BanWeb daily.  Please allow 24 hours after registering for classes on BanWeb for your Moodle account to be available. In most cases, you can view courses as a guest (click "Login as a guest" when prompted to login) if your account is not yet available.
  • Student accounts may be disabled at the end of each semester (following the official deadline for submission of final grades to the Registrar).