Prerequisites for Success

Table of Contents

Consider Your Attitude and Aptitude

Lackadaisical attitude will almost surely result in negative consequences in the class.

You must be able to work independently to complete all course work and take initiative to keep yourself up to date with all class activities, deadlines, and announcements.

You are expected to be efficient, diligent, disciplined, self-motivated, self-directed, and dedicated.

You must be able to independently read, understand, and research material.

If you feel you need assistance with any of the course work, you must be able to independently take initiative to seek help through the class help services.

Based on our experience, we have found that for some students, this class is much more difficult than a traditional face-to-face class. Some students find this class more challenging than a typical 1000-level class, simply because of the self-discipline, effort, and time required. Such students are encouraged to seek alternative classes, in consultation with their academic advisors, that are more suitable to their learning styles and needs.

Read the Class Syllabus

We strongly recommend you review the Class Syllabus for the course you are interested in before making your decision about whether or not to enroll in the class.  The class syllabus serves as a contract between you, the student, and the instructor.  As such, by enrolling and remaining in the class, you agree to accept the class syllabus and all the class policies and stipulations stated therein without exception.

Please note, the official Class Syllabus will be posted to the class website on CourseDen.

Course Descriptions and Class Syllabi

Make Your Decision

If, after carefully reviewing the above information and very carefully and thoroughly reviewing the sample class syllabus for the course you are interested in taking, you are still unclear about the particulars of the class and/or are uncertain about either your aptitude for or attitude towards the class, we recommend that you drop the class and seek an alternative course, in consultation with your academic advisor. Remaining in the class, when you are either confused or unaware of the particulars of the class, will surely result in failing the class.

If you decide to enroll in the class, we recommend you do so as soon as possible.  On, or before, the first day of classes for the semester, you should immediately begin reviewing the Class Orientation for CS 1000, CS 1020, and CS 1030  in order to get started on the class.  On the first day of class you must login to the class site on CourseDen and begin working on the class.