Class Orientation for CS 1000, CS 1020 and CS 1030

Table of Contents

This information is not meant to completely cover all aspects of the course, but rather serve as a course introduction and overview; similar to the type of information that is often covered during the first class meeting in a traditional face-to-face course. However, since CS 1000, CS 1020 and CS 1030 are completely online courses, students are expected to thoroughly review this information and all other relevant information on this web site independently.

If after carefully reviewing this page and all other relevant information on this site, you are still unclear about the particulars of this class, we recommend that you drop the class and seek an alternative course, in consultation with your academic advisor. Remaining in the class, when you are either confused or unaware of the particulars of the class, may result in negative consequences that may harm your academic standing at the University.

Register for the Class

If you decide, after reviewing all of the information on the Computer Science General Education web site, that you wish to enroll in either CS 1000 or CS 1020 or CS 1030, please ensure that you register for the course on BanWeb as soon as possible.  Please note that it can take from 24 - 48 hours after you register for the class for the class web site to appear on your Course List on CourseDen.

On, or before, the first day of the semester, you will need to proceed immediately to follow the steps in this orientation tutorial.  Failure to do so may result in negative consequences that could impact your academic standing.  Since the class is online, it is your responsibility to independently follow these instructions on your own.

Accessing the CourseDen Site and Performing a System Check

This class will use CourseDen exclusively for delivery of all class material and for submission of all homework assignments and quizzes.  To access CourseDen, go to the following URL (you may wish to add this site to your browser's bookmarks since you will need to access it frequently throughout the semester):

NOTE: Although it is possible to access CourseDen from within the myUWG portal, we do not recommend it.  We recommend you access the CourseDen site directly using the above URL. We also recommend you use Mozilla Firefox as your main browser for this course.

Perform a System Check

To ensure that your computer and web browser are compatible with CourseDen, make sure you click on the System Check link before attempting to login.  If you have already run the check on the computer you are using, you probably do not need to do so again.  However, if you are using a new/different computer, you may wish to run the check to ensure compatibility.

To perform this check, click on the link titled "Please click here for a System Checker before you login" (reference notation #1).  A new window will open.  If all items in the System Check list are greent and listed as "Passed", your computer and web browser are compatible with CourseDen.  

If there are one or more errors (indicated by red "X" marks) then there issues with your computer and/or web browser that may prevent CourseDen from functioning properly.  If you are unable to resolve the problem based on the information given on the screen, please seek assistance from the UWG|Online Help Desk.

Login to CourseDen

Once you have verified that your computer and browser are compatible with CourseDen, you can login.  Enter your UWG ID username (reference notation #1) and UWG ID password (reference notation #2) in the "Login" box and click the "Login" button (reference notation #3).  

If you need to reset your password, click on the link provided (reference notation #4).  For more information about your UWG ID, click on the link provided (reference notation #5).

NOTE: If you are using a public computer, we strongly recommend that you do not allow your web browser to save your password for CourseDen.

If you need further assistance with logging in, please seek assistance from the UWG|Online Help Desk.

Course List on CourseDen

Once you have successfully logged in to CourseDen, you should see a main page similar to the picture shown here.  Among other items, this page contains a list of links to your current courses on CourseDen, listed under the "My Courses" block (reference notation #1).  Note, your "My CourseDen @ UWG" page may look slightly different from the one shown here, however, you should still see your current courses listed.

Note that if you have registered for the class during the add/drop period, your class may not appear on the Course List until 24 - 48 hours after you registered for the class.

Next, you need to click on the link for your class from the Course List (reference notation #2).

Entering the Class Website

Once you click on the link for your class, you will enter the class website.  The main page for the class website will look very similar to the picture shown here.

Upon entering the class site, do the following:

  1. Read the Welcome message (reference notation #1) in its entirety.  
  2. We encourage you to review and experiment with the "Profile" and "Notification" links under the dropdown box with your name on it (reference notation #2).  For example, you may wish to upload a picture of yourself into your Profile (this is not a requirement for the class, however).
  3. Review the Calendar tool (reference notation #3).  This provides a convenient way to see quiz and assignment due dates for the class.  If you use an external calendar application such as Apple Calendar or Google Calendar, you can also subscribe to the CourseDen calendar using this tool (look for the "Subscribe" link after you click on the Calendar link).
  4. To get started on the course material, click on the "Class Manual" link in the tool bar (reference notation #4).  The Class Manual contains all class material, class syllabus, study resources, and information regarding homework assignments and homework quizzes. Please make sure you understand the syllabus and are willing to abide by the rules and policies stated therein.  If you do not accept the policies of the class syllabus, you need to drop the course.

Getting Started on the Class Manual

Once you click on the "Class Manual" link on the class web site main page, you will see the Table of Contents for the Class Manual.  

The Class Manual contains several sections and pages, and begins with a "Prologue."  

To get started on the class material, click on the "Class Overview: How This Class Works" (reference notation #1) link and begin reading.

We hope that you enjoy your learning experience in this class.  Best wishes.

A Few Helpful Tips

Some helpful tips to keep in mind as you work through the class:

  • Again, it is vitally important that you read the Class Syllabus very thoroughly and very carefully.
  • It is important that you keep up with the class material and be aware of all homework deadlines.
  • Start early, and work to complete homework well in advance of the deadlines.
  • Later homework assignments and homework quizzes are more challenging than earlier ones.
  • Take advantage of the class help services to seek help as soon as you need it.
  • No exceptions are made to the Class Syllabus for any reason whatsoever.

If You Have Further Questions

Please see the Class Syllabus link on the main page of the Class Manual for details on contact information.  

Please keep in mind that any questions regarding class material should be addressed through the class tutoring services (please see the Class Manual for more details on this service); we do not normally respond to class material questions via email or telephone.