Computer Science General Education Classes

Sample Course Syllabi

For course description, goals, and textbook information, please review the following class syllabi.

Note, the official class syllabus will posted as part of the class manual, accessible from CourseDen.

BEFORE You Enroll in CS 1000 or CS 1020 or CS 1030

Prerequisites for Success

Before deciding whether or not to enroll in CS 1000 or  CS 1020 or CS 1030, you must carefully review all of the information on this page.  In order to be successful in this class, you need to have the right mix of aptitude and attitude, and have a clear understanding of all class policies and stipulations as listed in the class syllabus.

Required Software

Lists the software that is required for this class in order to complete class requirements.

Contact Information

Please make sure that you review the material on this site carefully. We normally do not respond to questions where answers are found on this site and/or the class site on CourseDen.

AFTER You Enroll in CS 1000 or CS 1020 or CS 1030

Instructions for Getting Started on the Class

  1. At the beginning of the semester, you should receive a communication from the instructor, via myUWG, that contains information on getting started in the class. The communication may take the form of a note or a website. Note, that BanWeb has information about the class. Regardless of whether you receive or read this communication, however, it remains your responsibility as a student enrolled in the class to follow these instructions to get started in the class.
  2. To get started in the class, you need to read the class orientation (see link below) and follow the instructions therein.  The orientation will explain how to access the class web site on CourseDen, where to find the Class Syllabus, etc.  Students who are enrolled in these classes should review and work through this orientation no later than the first day of the semester.

    Class Orientation for CS 1000, CS 1020, and CS 1030

For Spring 2020 Students

There will be no scheduled face-to-face meeting for this class. Students are responsible for reading class information online, including the class orientation. If you have questions, or wish to see the Instructor, please see contact information. Students are expected to have read all material on this website and completed all other requirements.

We anticipate the class website on CourseDen will be available for student access no later than January 4th @ 8am.  Please be aware the Add/Drop period for Fall 2019 ends on Friday, January 10th at 11:59PM (Note, this is not an eCore class).

For Those Having Difficulty Accessing CourseDen

This is very important! It is the responsibility of students to make sure that they have access to CourseDen and able to login correctly.

  1. Make sure you are registered for the class.  You could do this through BanWeb or by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Make sure you have reviewed the class orientation tutorial. If you are registered for the class and already reviewed the class orientation tutorial, the next section may be helpful to you.
  2. Make sure you have carefully reviewed the Class Orientation which describes how to login to CourseDen.
  3. If you continue to have difficulties, you may seek assistance from the UWG|Online Help Desk.