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Class Material Questions

If you need help with class material, please review the class website on CourseDen for information on the class help services available for you. We provide ample support for help with class materials through the tutorials and class help services. Generally, we do not answer questions relating to class material, assignments, quizzes, etc. via email.

If You Have Questions Before the Start of the Semester

If you have questions before the start of the semester, use the "Question & Answer"  on the right, or you may e-mail us.

Whenever you send e-mail in these courses, all your email must conform to all of the following requirements, otherwise it will be ignored:

  • You must provide course number and section, as well as your full name.
  • Only questions relevant to these classes may be answered via e-mail.
  • The email MUST be sent from your myUWG email account (i.e.,
  • Email messages must be clear and to the point.
  • Please avoid instant messaging/texting-style vernacular and abbreviations.
  • Please include a meaningful subject line (i.e., "Question I have for CS 1030 class").