Syllabus - CS 1000: Practical Computing

About the Syllabus

This is the class syllabus.  Students are expected to abide by the policies stated in this syllabus and without exceptions. Please read the syllabus carefully & completely.  The syllabus for the class is the contract between you and the instructor.  By remaining in the class, you are agreeing to abide and accept all policies/rules/procedures as stated in the syllabus unconditionally & without exceptions.  If you are unable, unwilling, or unsure of accepting the syllabus, you must drop the class immediately.  No exceptions will be made to class policies as outlined in this syllabus!

Class policies apply to all students equally.  Please do not ask the instructor to adjust the class policies for you regardless of the reason. It is fundamentally unfair to treat students differently who are required to meet the same requirements in the same class!  

About the Class

A word to the wise, this is an online class (not an eCore class).  This class is intended for students who are able to work independently to complete class work. We do not recommend this class for anyone who is unable to work independently to successfully complete the class-work.  You must be able to read, understand, and research material to help you succeed in this class.  For some students, this class is much more difficult than a traditional face-to-face class.  This class is a very "hands on" class, this means that you will spend most of the time on your own reading through the textbooks, experimenting with the software, doing assignments, and taking quizzes (quizzes are also known as assessments). So, you are expected to work independently, be efficient, diligent, disciplined, self-motivated, self-directed, and dedicated.  Lackadaisical attitude will almost ensure negative consequences to your standing and progress in the class.  This class is more challenging than your typical 1000-level class, simply because of the self-discipline, effort, and time required.  You are expected to take the initiative and keep yourself up-to-date with all class activities and announcements - good time management skills are essential to succeed in this class.  Furthermore, you must have access to a reliable computer and a reliable broadband internet access, with backup for both, to ensure that you complete the class requirements without difficulty.   One instructor summed up the successful online learning experience this way, "there is a common theme with online learning and that is higher grades are earned by those who do not procrastinate, who keep in touch with instructors, who interact with other students by asking questions, and who never miss deadlines."

Although the class is a 100% online, the instructor reserves the right to ask any student to see him face to face in his office at any time during the semester.  Failure to comply with the instructor's request may negatively impact the student's academic standing. The class website is located on UWG CourseDen.  Please visit the Computer Science General Education website  for additional information for this class.  Please be advised that the Office of the Registrar has important information and dates that you may find helpful.

Instructor Information and Communication

Please direct ALL your class emails to

Instructor Name: Dr. Adel Abunawass ( )

Coordinator Name: Ms. Alex Young (

The official communication method is through your UWG (myUWG) account.  You are responsible for checking and keeping up with communications sent to your UWG account.  Please note, only syllabus-related questions may be answered via email. No other questions may be answered or acknowledged via e-mail.  E-mail sent from another account, other than your UWG account, will not be answered. E-mail should be sent directly to the e-mail account listed  above.  E-mails sent via class website on CourseDen may not be answered.  Answers via e-mail may take up to three  business days.  Please note, even though you may have sent e-mail about an issue, you remain responsible for complying with all class policies and all homework deadlines without exceptions!  Please do note that some e-mails may get caught in spam filters and other security measures.  For urgent issues, you must come and see the instructor/coordinator during office hours.

If you have questions about, or need help with, class material please see the "Class Help Services" section.

Course Description

"A hands-on introduction to the use of personal computers and software: input/output devices, graphical user interfaces, terminology, and software."

Fulfills Core Area B.2 (Institutional Options) Credit: 1.

Course Goals

Computers have become an essential component of our everyday lives, appearing in almost every facet of school, work, and home. Our goal in this course is to produce students that are comfortable using computers and that have a general understanding of what a computer is, conceptually how it functions, and to gain some practical experience working with common applications software, specifically Microsoft Office and Google Sites.

This course satisfies the following learning outcomes of area B:

  1. Identify, evaluate, and use information, language or technology appropriate to a specific purpose.

In order to satisfy the above learning outcomes, and upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  1. Create formatted documents using a word processor
  2. Create electronic presentations using presentation software
  3. Perform basic data analysis using a spreadsheet program
  4. Create web pages

Graded work in this class is designed to assess the above learning outcomes.



  1. Practical Microsoft Office 2013, Parsons, Oja, and Mulder, Cengage Brain, ISBN:  9781285075990.

Note, you may get the textbooks in the most affordable way for you.  Just make sure you get the exact ISBN and that you get the textbooks by the first day of classes. There is no access code needed and the CD that may accompany the textbooks normally has additional material but they are not specifically needed for the class and most students have no need for the material on the CD.


Microsoft Office 2013 (Microsoft Windows Operating system) or Microsoft Office 2016 (Microsoft Windows Operating system) , which is accessible from your Office 365 login.  Other versions of Microsoft Office are not acceptable!  Software may be obtained from Information Technology Services.  Additional information and software requirements are found here.

Class Help Service

There is plenty of help and assistance available to you in this class.  However, you must make an effort to review the short tutorial on the class website on how to use the help service.  You must also be proactive and seek help in timely fashion.  You will be able to get help and assistance for all graded work in this class.  Getting help is easy, simple, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection!  

We provide free one-on-one peer lab service for this class.  Lab Help is available face-to-face as well as online (tele-help). Information on help services is found under the class website on CourseDen.  

If you have questions or need help in this class, you must do the following in the order listed here:

  1. Always read the textbook(s)
  2. Consult the class website for information and tutorials
  3. Utilize the Class Help Services  in order to receive the assistance you may need.  

Please note, no office hours or lab/tele-help will be scheduled on due dates of assignments/quizzes.

Attendance, Deadlines, etc.

Attendance is mandatory in this class.  Attendance in this class entails your full and explicit participation in class activities by: accessing the class website on CourseDen in timely fashion; promptly reading/reviewing class material as appropriate; and taking quizzes and submitting assignments within the deadlines. Attendance entails the fulfillment of all aforementioned activities.  Failure to fully participate in the class may result in the violation of the class attendance policy.  Violation of attendance policy, (located on page 87, section 204) at the sole discretion of the instructor, may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  1. You may be dropped/withdrawn from the class and without notice.
  2. You may be reported as “never-attended” to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. You may be reported as "not-engaged" to the Office of the Registrar.
  4. You may be assigned a failing grade for the class.
  5. You may not be reinstated in the class if you are dropped for other reasons.
  6. Other consequences as deemed appropriate on a case by case basis.

Please note, if you are dropped/withdrawn for non-payment or other non-class based reasons,  you may still have access to the class website on CourseDen.  In such cases, we encourage you to continue to do the work until your issues are resolved.  Please note, we will not enroll you in class or class website on CourseDen if you are removed/dropped/withdrawn and no longer have access to the class website on CourseDen. Furthermore, we will not grant extension of deadlines for graded homework for any reason.  

In all of the above cases, this may impact your academic standing as a student at UWG, your financial aid, reimbursement of your tuition, etc. You remain responsible for announcements/information posted on the class website on CourseDen at all times!

To keep up with due dates, please see the information under "Quizzes" and "Assignments" tabs on the navigation bar on the class website on CourseDen.  Make sure that you note all the due dates!  We strongly recommend that you work ahead and submit your work well before the due dates.  Since all graded work is available from the beginning of the semester, you have ample time to complete and submit all graded class work well before the deadline.  We strongly recommend that you take quizzes and submit assignments at least two weeks ahead of the deadline, even earlier would be better.   In this manner, you will be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances without impacting your standing in the class.  As a corollary, waiting until the last minute to complete/submit your work may negatively impact your academic standing in this class.  Please understand that you are responsible for completing class work by the deadline and regardless of your situation and all unforeseen and/or unplanned circumstances. Without exceptions, all graded work must be submitted via the class website on CourseDen per graded work instructions, and we do not accept late work for any reason.  

Please note that there are absolutely no make-ups, no extra/additional credit work, and no exceptions are made to the policies of this class as outlined in this syllabus.  We do not accept late work, reset/reopen quizzes/assignments for any reason.  Class policies apply to all students and without exceptions!  So, please do not ask for any exception, reconsideration, etc., of any of the policies for this class.  If you are unable to abide by all class policies, including policies on missed/late work, you must seriously consider a different and more suitable class for you.  Again, no missed work may be made up regardless of the reason and without exceptions!


Your grade will be determined based on the total points earned at the end of the term.  There is a total of 210 points.  Letter grades will be determined as follows:

Letter Grade (Point range)

  • A (210 - 189)
B (188 - 168)
C (167 - 147)
D (146 - 126)
F (125 - 0)

The course will contain four (4) assignments and nine (9) quizzes. The assignments focus on the practical application part of the course by using Microsoft Office and Google Sites. Each assignment is worth 30 points. The quizzes are each worth 10 points. The assignments are worth a total of 120 points and the quizzes are worth a total of 90 points. This makes up the total of 210 points for the class. There will be no extra credit. Assignments will not be graded until a week after the due date of the assignment (not a week from the time you submit your assignment).

Three assignments will deal with the Microsoft Office application suite. The assignments will include: Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel; and Microsoft PowerPoint. There will be an assignment for each of these applications. There will also be an assignment dealing with using Google Sites to create and publish webpages. There will also be 9 quizzes, which will cover Microsoft Office topics.

In this class, the class grade is determined as stated above, and there will be no midterm or final exam. Under no circumstances will an Incomplete grade (a grade of 'I') be given in this class!


Please read the assignment’s requirements/instructions/directions thoroughly and carefully before you begin doing the assignment.  All assignments must be submitted via the class website on CourseDen under the "Assignments" tab on the navigation bar of the class website. Under no circumstances will hard copies, soft copies, or e-mailed assignments be accepted as submissions. No late assignments will be accepted! You may submit multiple times until the deadline of the assignment.  However, each new submission will overwrite the previous one.  We will only grade the file we find under the Submission Folder in the "Assignments" tab. Other files will not be reviewed or graded regardless where they are (for example we will not consider files found in your file "Locker" on CourseDen, your computer, your thumb-drive, etc.).

Without exceptions, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted the assignment file correctly.  Please be diligent in ensuring that you submit assignment files correctly for all assignments.  We have provided an on-line tutorial on how to submit assignment files.  We have also provided you a Practice Assignment, Assignment 0, to practice submitting an assignment.  After you submit an assignment you must double check that it is submitted properly.  After you logout of CourseDen, you will need to log back in to check on the file to ensure it is submitted correctly and is the correct file.  You may check on the actual file by viewing it. We strongly recommend that you check your submission on a different computer from the one you use to upload your work.  Please make sure that the file you submit for a particular assignment has the correct file extension (note: do not submit short-cut/linked files, normally with file extension “.lnk”).  If no assignment file is found on the class website under the "Assignments" tab, then it will be considered as non-submittal regardless of the reason. You are responsible for the consequences of invalid, corrupted, partial, or wrong-file submissions.

Please be advised that some of the assignments, especially later ones, are much more challenging than earlier ones.  This will require you to start working on some assignments much earlier than the due date in order to succeed in completing the assignments in a timely and correct manner.  We normally grade assignments one week after the due date (not after you submit the assignment).


All quizzes will be available from the beginning of the semester, and each quiz will have a set deadline (posted under “Quizzes” tab on the navigation bar on the class website on CourseDen) by which you must take and complete the quiz. Once a quiz is begun, you will have 10 Minutes to complete the quiz. If you go over your 10 minutes, you may receive a zero on the quiz as the quiz may not be accepted. It is important that you submit your quiz for grading. Also, note you have two tries on the quiz; you will not be able to re-take it after the two tries, we keep the higher of recorded tries. No quiz will be reset for any reason. There will be no exceptions and no make-ups. All deadlines and times are based on class website server time (which may be different than time on your computer, watch, etc.).

In order to give students practice in taking quizzes, we have created a practice quiz, Quiz 0. Questions in quiz 0 are over the class syllabus (this syllabus). Students have two tries at quiz 0. We advise you to read the class syllabus twice before attempting to take quiz 0. Furthermore, students who are unable to score 90% or better on quiz 0, over the two tries, should seriously consider dropping this class.

Technical Difficulties, etc.

One issue that those who use computers must deal with is unexpected "technical difficulties." These could be such things as your computer crashing, or the class website server being down, your Internet connection dying in the middle of taking a quiz, etc. Since this class focuses on introducing you to practical uses of computers, dealing with these types of problems is part of it. If you are using your own computer from home, please understand that any difficulties due to your machine crashing/locking-up, internet connection issues, your ISP services, etc., are your responsibility. Excuses due to "technical difficulties" will not be accepted in any case. We have given you ample time in which to complete each assignment, and we highly encourage you to complete and submit each one well in advance of the deadline to avoid such problems. Since virtually all graded work is available on the first day of the semester, work ahead and complete your work well before the deadlines. We have also made allowance by giving you two attempts for each quiz, and ample time to study and take quizzes in advance of the deadline. We will not reset/reopen assignments/quizzes for any reason!

There will be no extension of deadlines, no make-up of missed work, no extra-credit work, and no resetting/retaking of quizzes due to technical difficulties and regardless of the cause and location of such difficulties. Please be advised that we will only accept assignments submitted via class website on CourseDen (note: we will not consider, accept, grade, or look at work on your computer, storage media, etc.).

Although UWG has several computer labs, we recommend you do your assignments and quizzes in the Technology Learning Center Lab (TLC 1105). Please visit UWG Labs site for a complete list of hours of operation for TLC 1105. We recommend that you access class directly by going to the class website (see information above). We do not recommend that you access the class website via myUWG as you may encounter difficulties. Please note, even if you are using the recommended lab/access, technical difficulties will not be accepted as an excuse.

Be sure to use browsers that are compatible with CourseDen. Also, be sure that you turn off any popup-window blockers you might have as they will keep some class tools from functioning correctly. To check your system, click the "Please click here for a System Check before you login" link ion the main landing/login page of CourseDen. It is your responsibility to make sure that your system passes all required system checks.

We strongly encourage you to avoid taking quizzes while connected wirelessly to the network. The network access point may momentarily lose connectivity that could hang your quiz indefinitely or may not record your answers. Furthermore, as you are taking a quiz, be sure to save each answer as you go. You can always go back and change, and save, any answer before final submission.

Academic Honesty

Any student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade in the class. Cheating on assignments and/or quizzes is neither allowed nor tolerated. Cheating will result in a failing grade for the assignment/quiz and for the class. Do not share assignment file(s), do not copy the work of others, do not let others copy your work, do not copy/cut/paste material between files, do not duplicate files to share with others, do not let others see/borrow your file(s), and do your own work without assistance of others. If you need assistance & help, you may come seek help through the class help service (see information above). After you receive assistance, it is your responsibility to ensure that the work you submit is completely your own, and only your own, as you will solely be responsible for it. This applies to assistance/tutoring/help you may receive from any one at any time and anywhere. If you are uncertain that some action you wish to take may be considered academic dishonesty, ask the instructor first!

If you are in a lab on campus, after you submit your assignment, it is your responsibility to delete your file off the computer you are working on, so no one else can retrieve your file. It is your responsibility to protect your work at all times and on any computer you may be using. Failure to protect your work may result in academic dishonesty.

All individuals involved in academic dishonesty will be treated the same and no exceptions will be made for any reason. Furthermore, the incident will be reported to the Offices of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs, and further disciplinary actions may be taken.

University policies for handling Academic Dishonesty are found in the following documents:

  1. The Faculty Handbook, section 207 (page 90)
  2. The Faculty Handbook, section 208.0401 (page 93)
  3. Student Handbook: "Honor Code."
  4. Undergraduate Catalog

Accessibility Services & Accommodations

Any student sanctioned by the Office of Accessibility Services must have a Student Accommodation Report (SAR) to share with the Faculty before any graded work is determined to make appropriate arrangements as needed.

The Office of Accessibility Services will help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide you further assistance with requesting and arranging accommodations. 

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or chronic illness, or if you need to make special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please notify your instructor using the course email system by the end of the second full week of class and attach a PDF copy of your SAR (Available from the Office of Accessibility Services). 

If you wish for accommodations, you must submit/email your SAR to me at least one week ahead of any graded course work for which you wish to receive accommodations. When you e-mail your SAR report, it must be sent from your MyUWG e-mail account.  After reviewing the SAR, I will notify you of the appropriate accommodations.


  1. Students, please carefully review the following information at this link. It contains important material pertaining to your rights and responsibilities in this class.  Because these statements are updated as federal, state, university, and accreditation standards change, you should review the information each semester.
  2. This syllabus is subject to change with notice. The change will appear on the class website on CourseDen.
  3. The official class syllabus is found on the class website on CourseDen.
  4. Copyright of course content and supplementary material found on, or through, this class website may be held by the Instructor of the class and/or other individuals/entities.