CS1300: Introduction to Computer Science
CS1301: Computer Science I
CS1302: Computer Science II
CS3151: Data Structures and Discrete Math I
CS3211: Software Engineering I
CS3270: Intelligent Systems
CS3280: System and Network Administration
CS4985: Cyber-Forensics (Special Topics)
CS6985: Cyber-Forensics (Special Topics)
CS4981: Operating Systems (Independent Study)

CS4290: Theory of Computation

This is an independent study offering of this course.

CS4310: Game Design and Development
CS4410: Survey of Programming Languages
CS4982: Computing Capstone
CS5201: Computer Science Fundamentals I

Introduction to basic computing fundamentals and software development. Students will study various hardware and software aspects of computer science. Topics will include: computer and network basics, creating and publishing web pages, creating and using simple databases, and the basics of developing programs using objects in a high-level programming language. This course assumes no prior background in software development or computer science.
CS5202: Computer Science Fundamentals II
CS6232: Database Systems II
CS6241: Software Development I
CS6311: Programming Languages I